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Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and more in Media Center on my Linksys DMA-2200 thanks to PlayOn + VMCPlayIt!

March 27th, 2010 · No Comments

With PlayOn 2.59.3730.72 and vmcPlayIt 1.5.0, I’m now enjoying Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, March Madness On Demand and more in Media Center on my extenders: Linksys DMA-2200 and Xbox 360.

I purchased the PlayOn software for $20 a few months ago, and when I’ve had the time, I’ve tried to use vmcPlayIt on my DMA-2200, but was unfortunately unstable.  With the current versions of both software, the stability has dramatically improved.  The one thing you have to be is somewhat patient when the vmcPlayIt sub-menus load.  They come up, but it’ll take 2-5 seconds sometimes.

In Media Center, in Extras Library, after selecting vmcPlayIt, it does take 10-15 seconds to connect to PlayOn (running on my Media Center PC) and then display all the “Channels” (i.e. Hulu, Youtube) logos.  Once the logos display, vmcPlayIt is ready to go.  Whether it’s recent Family Guy episodes from Hulu, entire seasons of The Office from Netflix, or music/viral/whatever videos from Youtube, you can watch/listen to that and more from vmcPlayIt.

A huge plus for both software is the tech support.  The vmcPlayIt developer, EricL, and the PlayOn team are responsive and helpful.

Also, there are at least three websites where Plug-Ins for additional feeds (MTV, South Park, SyFy, etc.) can be downloaded.  I plan on checking these out next.

Besides wait times, the only other strong negative is PlayOn doesn’t stream in HD.  PlayOn stated they’re working on it.  * Crossing fingers *

But all-in-all, vmcPlayIt + PlayOn is a solid solution for viewing/listening to streaming Internet content in Media Center on extenders.

UPDATE: As I’ve been enjoying Pandora on my DMA-2200, I noticed I couldn’t thumbs up/down or skip tracks.  This is unfortunately a limitation with the DLNA technology according to PlayOn.  I’m still happy that I can at least play/pause music from Pandora.  But, it is a little frustrating because of all the devices out there (WD TV Live, etc.) that have a thorough interface with Pandora…sadly, not with Windows Media Center.

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